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Enjoy The Most Delicious Italian Dishes of All Time

Italy is a country highly-popular for its good. But with so many fabulous dishes available, it’s not easy to pick one for your special meal.

So, in this post, Chef joey Maggiore and his team have put together some of the best Italian dishes you must try if you are new to the delicious and tempting Italian cuisine.

Read on and discover the finest Italian dishes available.

Spaghetti alla Carbonara

At the top of the list of must-try Italian foods is Spaghetti alla Carbonara, a dish that the Italians take great pride in. It is customary to savor each bite of this pasta dish that showcases the unique characteristics of Italian cuisine.

Although Carbonara pasta may seem ubiquitous, what sets it apart is its timeless appeal as one of the most classic Italian recipes. Made with fresh eggs, pecorino romano cheese, guanciale, and pepper, this spaghetti dish is simply enchanting. It’s worth noting that authentic Italian Spaghetti alla Carbonara does not contain any cream or milk.

Lasagne alla Bolognese

Another popular Italian dish worldwide is Lasagne alla Bolognese. It is made by layering lasagne pasta sheets with beef, tomato, and onion bolognese sauce, bechamel sauce, and a cheesy top. This dish is rich and comforting and pairs perfectly with a bold red wine.

Lasagne alla Bolognese originated in Bologna, which is located in the Emilia region of Italy. Over time, it has become a beloved Italian classic, and many people associate it with the country’s cuisine and culture. You can enjoy this amazing dish at an Italian fine dining in Scottsdale.

Napoletana Pizza 

Originally created by the locals of Naples in the 18th century, this pizza has now become a beloved food item throughout Italy. The country’s food culture celebrates the uniqueness of each dish, and thus the original recipes are followed without much alteration.

A traditional Napoletana Pizza is made in a wood-fired oven by hand-flattening the dough and topped with freshly crushed tomatoes, mozzarella di bufala campana, and a few basil leaves.


Prepare to be amazed if you’ve never tasted this dish before. Lasagne is a beloved Neapolitan creation, consisting of layers of pasta, cheese, meat, vegetables, and various sauces, all baked together. The explosion of flavors that occurs with each mouthful is truly indescribable!

Your mouth is probably already watering just thinking about it, isn’t it? So, why not enjoy it in one of Maggiore group’s restaurants in Scottsdale.


Risotto is a beloved Italian rice dish that is typically made with a broth derived from meat, fish, or vegetables. While the ingredients may vary depending on the type of risotto, the end result is always a creamy and delicious rice dish. This comforting dish is particularly well-suited for the winter season, as it quickly warms you up and satisfies your cravings.

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